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Love, Life, Loss, LeavingAndrew’s just published an ebook of short stories but he also writes sketches and radio plays. He was shortlisted for the 2013 BBC Writers Room Radio Prize. If you enjoy the short stories below and want more, buy the ebook on Amazon, iTunes or Waterstones by following the links. Andrew’s new collection of stories, Angels With Bruises, will be out in May 2018 in eBook and paperback.

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You can listen to some of Andrew’s sketches below:

Or read some of his Short stories below:

‘Trafalgar Square Moment’

by Andrew Baguley

“Finborough! Tuscany!” The mother’s high voice cut through the late afternoon. “Play indoors now – we can’t have you getting chills.” Reluctantly the twins left the rambling back garden and returned to the house, on the promise that Kiki would fix them her special “African snack.”

As she heard this Kiki stiffened. But she was nothing if not robust. Making toasted cheese sandwiches with Nutella (an accidental hit with the kids) was better than being raped.

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Cat Fright’

By Andrew Baguley

It was cold, dark and late. Drink had been taken and steps were unsteady. Samuel had enjoyed a good night with his old mate Pete but instead of being pleasantly squiffed and thinking of nonsense, he was worrying about the guinea pig.

It belonged to the son of his girlfriend Marjorie. Marjorie was no animal lover. He wished she was. How could you not like animals? Marjorie had a young son and last year, worried that the boy needed something to love and no proper father, she had brought him a guinea pig. After a brief period of excitement the creature had been abandoned like a useless toy, hidden away in a spare room on rodent death row. Sometimes Samuel and Marjorie would argue.

“You take it then!” Marjorie would fling at him.

He knew he should. He’d seen guinea pigs in a big cage in the park, lots of them living together, squeaking and jumping and sniffing and fucking. That would be the life for the guinea pig of Marjorie’s son he thought. The poor thing didn’t even have a proper name. The guinea pig of Marjorie’s son was the best they could do.

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‘The New Jesus’

By Andrew Baguley

I first met the man who saved my life when my editor told me to interview The New Jesus.

“Some nutcase who apparently is the new messiah on the block,” my editor said. Well at least it was different from the usual tenants association meetings and complaints about the bin men.

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