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Plays 55 – 64   Height: 5’9”   Weight: 11.5 stone     Build: Slim / Medium

Andrew acted professionally in the 1980’s, then founded and ran a corporate role play company until he sold it in 2012. He’s now back as an actor and voice-over artist, represented by Sharry Clark Artists in London.

Work 2013 thru 2020 ; 

Dad                  TV  ITV2                      Spirit Media                          ITV2

Hugh               Training Film             Steven Engelhard                Angel Productions

Narrator          Radio Ad                    TD Ameritrade                    Songzu, Singapore

Shopkeeper    Feature Film               Steve Crowhurst                 6from8 Productions

CEO                Corporate Video         Luke Crawford                     Oliver Agency

Ralph              Short Film                   Stuart White                        Seeing Beethoven

Picasso           Installation Video       Tate Gallery                          Joe Binks Productions

Narrator          TV Ad                         TD Ameritrade                     Songzu Productions

Juan                Rehearsed Reading    Joe Lichtenstein                   National Youth Theatre

Barman           Album Cover              Polydor Records                  The Rolling Stones

Narrator          AudioBook                  WhiteHouseSound              The Unlikely Outlaws

John of Gaunt Channel One TV Russia                              The Precariousness of Power

Customer       UK TV CH4, 5, Cable    Oasis Dental                        McCann Ad Agency

Geoff              TV Pilot                        Charlie                                Dir. Laura Hyponnen

Voiceover       Corporate film             Josep Ramos                        Catala de Retina

Voiceover       Animation           (Russia)                   World Of Warships

Businessman  Short Film                    La Fete Est Finie                 Brass Moustache

Story Reader  Live Reading                The Consular Agent            Liars League

Narrator         Voice Over                    John Deere Tractors           Protelo Studios Chennai

Narrator         Voice Over                    Sinatra ALegion                 UniQ Studios

Narrator         Voice Over                    Kia Cars Moscow      

Narrator         Voice Over                    MenuAnalyser2                  MenuAnalyser Website

Sir Mingus      TV Pilot                          Ambulance!                       Nicole Skeltys.

Jeremy           Short Film                      Clownfish                           Yellow Spot Collective.

Narrator         Voiceover                      CDS Pen Testing                KPMG / RPfT

Narrator         Voiceover                      MTIC Tax Fraud                  Role Plays For Training

Voice              Voiceover                      Zipcar                                AMN Entertainment

Narrator          Voiceover                      Security Starts With You   KPMG internal animation

Tom Hadden   Feature Film                  2025                                 2025 Films

Businessman  Commercial                   Tepilo / Sarah Beanie       Channel 5

Grandfather    Commercial                   AmbiWarm Heating          Thirteen Disciples

John                Video Promo                  Inchbold Films                  Cavendish Fante PictureCo

DJ Roy             VoiceOver                     Ray Radio                         Middlesex University

Narrator          VoiceOver                     OvenKing Franchise          PetersVideoPro

Fr Haggard      Film (lead role)             Act of Contrition                Ravensbourne College

Patient             Stills Photos                 Princess Grace Hosp          Atticus Creative

Dad&Demon    Voiceover                    Two Evils, Animation          Christoph Younes

Narrator           Voiceover                    Website narration               Menu Analyser

Story Reader    Rehearsed Reading     9 Dead 6 Wounded            Liars League London

Story Reader   Event                               Note-Taking Man            Liars League London

Mr Steward     German TV                       Occupied Hearts            FFP New Media

Presenter        Web Show                        3minIQ                           AppMediaNetwork

Narrator          VoiceOver                         EDI Website                   Jewelbox Sound

Earl March      Film                                   Tam Lin                          Chagford Filmmaking Gp

Einstein          Website Narration             Healthier Entertainment Industry

MC                  Cabaret                             Gaia Annual Cabaret      Gaia Camp

Boatman        Student Film audio            Wondrous River              Wimbledon College of Art

David Sachs   Rehearsed Reading           The Last Christmas         The Space Between Words

Monty             Audio                               All Our Yesterdays            Peracals Productions

Training at the Actors Centre, Actors Platform, The CityLit, The Showreel.

Work & Training in the 1980’s – highlights:

Various roles       The Bill                                 Tech Training Film       Thames TV

King Matalome    The Miracle Child                  Tour                             Upstream Childrens Theatre

Mole                    Wind In The Willows              Tour                             Charles Hayley Prods

Tom                     Man With The Hoe                 Old Red Lion                Loose Exchange Theatre

Pickpocket           Eastenders                            TV                                 BBC

Ambassador         Revo                                     Tour                              Umoja Theatre

Gary                     Roots Me Roots                     Tour                              Roots Theatre Co

Policeman            Manon                                   Royal Opera House       Royal Opera House

Various                 Dei Fledermaus                    Royal Opera House       Royal Opera House

Various                 The Roach Show                   Cabaret                        Approach Tavern

Training at Oval House, Battersea Arts, Drill Hall, City Lit.

Role Plays For Training : 1988 – 2011, My own company, Corporate Role Player;

Over 1000 role-play days, many corporate conferences as performer, numerous training videos.


Writing & Devising, Quick Improviser, Voice-Over with Home Voice Studio, Clean Driving Licence.